Boyle County Seeks More Funding For Kentucky Drug Rehab Centers

A recent increase in opioid overdose deaths throughout Boyle County is scaring addicts, and influencing them to seek addiction treatment at Kentucky drug rehab centers. So far, the Boyle County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy has spent nearly $5,700 on addiction treatment for opioid addicts, but still needs additional funding. The amount of money remaining in the budget is barely enough to cover the costs to send one individual to rehab, says Director Kathy Miles.

If you’re addicted to opioids or another substance, get help now to achieve sobriety and improve your overall quality of life. Call our confidential helpline at 502-466-3120 to learn more about drug rehab centers in your area that can help you overcome addiction.

Raising Funds and Awareness for Opioid Addiction

Kentucky Drug Rehab

It costs between $400 and $500 to send one person to drug rehab.

According to Brent Blevins, Boyle County Health Department Director, sending a person to rehab often costs between $400 and $500. Given the cost per head, Blevins says individuals must go to rehab at the times they’re most receptive to treatment to avoid wasting the county’s rehab funds.

Boyle County recently held a 5K run called Run Against Addiction to raise awareness and funds for drug rehab and addiction treatments. The funds from the event are now being used to help more individuals receive treatment from rehab centers in Boyle and neighboring counties. Those who missed the 5K run can still purchase the event’s t-shirts for $10 at the Recovery Roadhouse. Proceeds will continue to be used to send people to rehab.

Two local pastors have also stepped forward to learn more about how their churches can get involved in raising funds to address opioid addiction. Both pastors may host a series of fundraising events in upcoming months with the goal of raising awareness and funds for opioid addiction.

How Drug Rehab Centers Can Help Boyle County

The recent surge in opioid overdose deaths is mainly being caused by heroin and synthetic opioids fentanyl and carfentanil. Fentanyl is up to 100 times more potent than morphine, while carfentanil is a large animal tranquilizer 10,000 times more potent than morphine. Using these drugs just one time can lead to an overdose and increase the risk for death.

Sending Boyle County residents to drug rehab centers not only saves the lives of addicts who may be someone’s parent, child, or sibling, but allows these individuals to improve their overall quality of life. As a result, communities throughout Boyle County can benefit from improved public safety, and fewer problems with drug addiction.

Those who struggle from opioid addiction can achieve lifelong sobriety with help from the treatments and services offered by drug rehab centers in Kentucky. Patients can overcome dependency on drugs or alcohol during the detox stage, then participate in counseling and therapy sessions to learn how to successfully overcome addiction and avoid future relapses. Patients leave drug rehab centers feeling healthier, more informed, and ready to face the world, drug-free.

If you live in Kentucky and are addicted to opioids, call our confidential helpline at 502-466-3120 to speak with a treatment specialist right away. We’ll help you find local Kentucky drug rehab centers that can guide you along the path to sobriety and a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

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