New Story Map Shows Locations of Kentucky Drug Rehab Centers That Treat Opioid Addiction

The Northern Kentucky Health Department recently published a story map on its website that reveals where opioid overdoses, arrests, and drug seizures have occurred in local communities. The map also features the locations of Kentucky drug rehab centers that specialize in treating opioid addiction.

The purpose of the story map is to provide Northern Kentucky residents with access to resources that can help combat opioid abuse, as well as help them gain a better understanding about the region’s opioid epidemic.

If you or someone you care about is addicted to oxycodone, heroin, or another opioid, understand there are rehab centers in your area that can help. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 502-466-3120 to learn more about drug rehab centers in Kentucky that can help you or your loved one achieve improved health and sobriety.

Using the Story Map to Combat Opioid Addiction

Story Map

Kentucky residents can use the story map to gain a better understanding of how opioids are affecting their community.

Health Director Lynne M Saddler says the health department created the story map to track where opioid addiction problems are occurring, and to determine whether local communities are making progress in combating addiction. For instance, the map reveals Kenton County led Northern Kentucky in opioid overdose deaths, and that one person died from an overdose every 40 hours in the region last year.

The map also reveals that four out of seven emergency medical runs for opioid overdoses required the use of naloxone — an opioid overdose antidote that helps revive overdose victims.

Friends and family members of those who struggle with opioid addiction can use the health department’s story map to locate nearby drug take-back drop-boxes, as well as rehab centers that treat opioid addiction. The map also helps the loved ones of addicts find naloxone kits should an overdose occur.

Fort Thomas Lt. Rich Whitford says saving lives is law enforcement’s top priority, and that communities can benefit from the information made available on the story map.

Treating Opioid Addiction at Kentucky Rehab Centers

Many opioid addicts who try to stop using on their own without rehab treatment or medical assistance are often at higher risk for relapse. Withdrawing from opioid use often triggers strong drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms that cause pain and discomfort, which drives addicts to continue using. But opioid rehab centers help addicts get safely and comfortably through the detox process using FDA-approved medications that reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to overcoming physical dependence on substances, patients at drug rehab centers attend counseling and therapy sessions that address the mental challenges of overcoming addiction. Patients benefit from education, group therapy, and recreational therapies that teach addicts how to stay sober and cope in the real world following treatment. Patients leave rehab feeling healthier, happier, and more positive about themselves and their futures after successfully achieving long-term sobriety.

If you live in Northern Kentucky and are struggling with opioid addiction, understand that you have several local treatment options. Call our confidential helpline at 502-466-3120 to learn more about Kentucky drug rehab centers that can help you achieve a higher sense of purpose and lasting sobriety.

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