How To Relax In A Stressful Meth Addiction Treatment

When you decide to reclaim your life and enter meth addiction treatment, you have to be prepared for a difficult emotional, physical, and psychological journey. It won’t be easy and you will have to struggle through it without returning to your old coping mechanism: meth. This will, naturally, cause you a lot of stress and some anxiety, which will continue into your early recovery outside of addicted to meth treatment. For this reason, most rehabs help patients learn to relax. These strategies can help you to succeed.

Why Are Relaxation Techniques Beneficial?

There are some relaxation benefits that are specific to recovery, but the scope of the advantages is actually much larger than that. You can expect to:

  • Increase your blood flow to major muscle groups
  • Slow your heart rate
  • Improve the functioning of your immune system
  • Increase your ability to learn
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Improve your focus
  • Decrease pain intensity
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your memory

And, of course, you decrease your levels of stress, anxiety, and anger.

What Are Some Popular Forms of Relaxation?

Meth addiction treatment facilities vary in their offerings, but the following are some commonly used techniques.

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  • Meditation: This is the most well-known. It is a valuable tool for people following a spiritual path and it helps practitioners to foster important insights into their lives.
  • Guided imagery: This uses the imagination to develop a feeling of peace. People visualize themselves in a relaxing setting in as much detail as possible.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation: This is the practice of tensing and releasing a series of muscles in the body. A practitioner focuses on each muscle group one at a time until the whole body has been addressed. A session lasts about 30 minutes.

Getting Started

You need to be sure that the addicted to meth treatment center has a competent instructor guiding you through the practice, and you need to do some form of relaxation regularly to get the most benefit from it.

Acupuncture in Meth Addiction Treatment; How the Process Can Help You Through the Detox Stage of Treatment

As addicted to meth treatment approaches progress, more and more methods associated with natural or alternative medicine are incorporated into treating meth addiction. This can mean including yoga, meditation, and massage. The goal of including these somewhat fringe techniques is to help patients deal with withdrawals and cravings and to cope with stress in healthy ways. One of the methods gaining popularity is auricular detoxification acupuncture (ADA).

What Is Auricular Detoxification Acupuncture?

ADA is the insertion of small needles into five areas of the ear that have been determined to be pressure points that are optimal for treating detoxification in meth addiction treatment. The five pressure points are:

  • Sympathetic: balances “fight or flight” instincts
  • Shenmen: reduces pain
  • Kidneys, liver, and lung: detox organs and pores

What Is the Expected Outcome of Auricular Detoxification Acupuncture?

Ideally, ADA eases the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms of detox. It allows people to soothe the pain, depression, and anxiety that are a typical component of early recovery in addicted to meth treatment.

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How Frequently Should One Receive Auricular Detoxification Acupuncture?

Most meth addiction treatment programs that use ADA provide it to patients weekly. Practitioners believe that consistency is critical. Further, the treatment is something patients learn to do for themselves, so they can keep the practice up when they leave the meth addiction treatment facility.  The benefits are believed to be increasingly lasting the more ADA is practiced.

Does It Hurt?

Of course, sticking needles into your ears sound like it would be quite painful, but acupuncture detoxification specialists say it is mostly painless. Some participants may feel a bit of discomfort as the needles are inserted because they have an organ affected by their meth use and the pressure point associated with it is sensitive.

Life Doesn’t Get Put on Hold After Meth Addiction Treatment; Celebrating During Addicted to Meth Treatment and in Recovery

People who enter meth addiction treatment are often scared that a life of sobriety means a never-ending state of boredom. But, if you are one of these people, you will come to realize this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, active meth addiction tends to be a lot more boring and predictable. When you admit yourself to meth addiction treatment, you will discover a world of opportunity and you will find that you don’t have enough time to do all of the living that you want to.

During active meth addiction, the idea of celebrating without drugs and alcohol seems unfathomable. But, you will discover that it is not only possible to do so, it is considerably more rewarding.

What Are Reasons to Celebrate?

Entering meth addiction treatment alone is reason to rejoice and the longer you maintain your recovery, the more you will feel good about your life. But, there are also a lot of formal celebrations you must contend with, like:

  • Winning awards
  • Passing exams
  • New jobs
  • Sobriety milestones

You will have many reasons to celebrate, but it won’t be easy at first.

Why Is It So Hard to Celebrate Sober?

When you decided to enter addicted to meth treatment, you knew that you had to prepare to face challenges. But, you probably focused more on how to get through the bad times than the good ones. When you are more secure in your sobriety, it will get easier, but it will initially be a challenge.

You have become accustomed to using meth to celebrate good things and as an escape when bad things happen. You have connected your substance abuse to a reward and that is something that takes time to break. Initially, when you are ready to celebrate, you will feel entitled to meth use. And, when you don’t get it, the value of the celebration will decrease in your eyes. You may feel cheated and ready to relapse.

How Can I Celebrate?

You won’t be able to fall back on drug and alcohol use in addicted to meth treatment or recovery. So, you have to adjust how you celebrate.

  • Develop new traditions to replace your old, unhealthy ones.
  • Remember that even though sobriety at celebrations feels strange, that doesn’t make it dissatisfying.
  • Work out healthy rewards and use those instead of meth use.
  • Stay away from celebrations centered on drug and alcohol use.
  • Start your own sober celebrations.
  • Attend celebrations hosted by recovery groups.
  • Remember to celebrate your achievements.
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